Jim of Hellas

Jim of Hellas78 pages.  $7.50
Originally published in 1895, Laura E. Richards’ funny, charming short stories “Jim of Hellas, or In Durance Vile” and “The Troubling of Bethesda Pool” are rarely found in print. In “Jim of Hellas,” an island town of eccentric old sea captains meets a charismatic Greek sailor. “Bethesda Pool” is a taciturn and solitary innkeeper who makes a grand gesture to help a young acquaintance.

The stories in this volume are just as exquisitely picturesque as the others. —Minneapolis Journal.

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narcissa101 pages.  $7.50
Originally published in 1892, this volume collects the two short stories “Narcissa, or The Road to Rome” and “In Verona.” Both stories are set in 19th-century rural Maine, and play on small New England towns sharing names with venerable old European cities.

Each is a simple, touching, sweet little story of rustic New England life, full of vivid pictures of interesting characters, and refreshing for its unaffected genuineness and human feeling.     —The Congregationalist

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“Some Say”

"Some Say"91 pages. $7.5o
Originally published in 1896, this volume contains the short stories “Some Say” and “Neighbours in Cyrus.” Both stories center on small-town New Englanders and their gossip, as well as their close relationships—even with folks who might be less neighborly than others. It is one of the books in the “Captain January” series, all published by Mrs. Richards in the 1890s and available in matched editions on this page.

“Some Say” extracts a delicious sense of humor from the lives of some New England folk.     —The Hartford Post.

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