The Joyous Story of Toto (Illustrated)

toto_thumbnail219 pages. $9.50
Originally published in 1885, The Joyous Story of Toto is a charming childrens’ book about a young boy who brings his forest animal friends home to his grandmother to keep her company and tell their fanciful tales by the fire.  With illustrations by Edmund H. Garrett.

one of those happy inspirations which delight all readers both old and young, and makes its author famous. —The Book Buyer, 1886.

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Nautilus164 pages. $8.50
Originally published in 1895, Nautilus is one of Laura E. Richards’s most beloved stories. This edition, with illustrations by W.L. Taylor, has been designed for readability for children and adults alike.

Nautilus is by far the best product of the author’s powers, and is certain to achieve the wide success it so richly merits. Without exaggeration it is to be pronounced a literary gem.     —The Boston Courier.

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Melody (Illustrated)

melody142 pages. $8.50. Illustrated.
Melody is the sweet tale of a 12-year-old blind girl, set in 19th-century New England. Originally published in 1893, it is the first of Laura E. Richards’ “Melody” series, the rest of which are Marie (1894), “Bethesda Pool” (1895), and Rosin the Beau (1898).  Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill.

The quaintly pretty, touching, old-fashioned story is told with perfect grace; the few persons who belong to it are touched in with distinctness and with sympathy.
—The Milwaukee Sentinel

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Captain January (Illustrated)

Captain January thumbnail120 pages.  $8.50
Originally published in 1891, Captain January is the story of an old lighthouse keeper and Star, his foundling daughter. One of Laura E. Richards’ most popular books. Lightly edited for content. Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill.

A charming idyl of New England coast life. … One reads it, is thoroughly charmed by it, tells others, and so  … enlarging the circle of its delighted admirers.

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