Rosin the Beau

Rosin The Beau 155 pages. $8.50
Jacques De Arthenay, known as Rosin the Beau, recollects coming of age in mid-19th-century Maine, and a trip to his ancestral homeland in the south of France, in a memoir to his young friend Melody. Jacques moves between rural America and his life as a shoemaker and fiddle player, and the pastoral ease of aristocratic Europe, finding his way through love and loss on his path to becoming a true gentleman. Rosin the Beau is a sequel to Marie, and a prequel to Melody.

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Jim of Hellas

Jim of Hellas78 pages.  $7.50
Originally published in 1895, Laura E. Richards’ funny, charming short stories “Jim of Hellas, or In Durance Vile” and “The Troubling of Bethesda Pool” are rarely found in print. In “Jim of Hellas,” an island town of eccentric old sea captains meets a charismatic Greek sailor. “Bethesda Pool” is a taciturn and solitary innkeeper who makes a grand gesture to help a young acquaintance.

The stories in this volume are just as exquisitely picturesque as the others. —Minneapolis Journal.

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Marie 128 pages.  $8.50
Originally published in 1894 and rarely found in print, Marie is a prequel to the other books and stories in the “Melody” series By Laura E. Richards. Most versions of Marie that can be found online are incomplete. This edition was carefully compiled and adapted from various print versions.

Seldom has Mrs. Richards drawn a more irresistible picture, or framed one with more artistic literary adjustment.     —The Boston Herald.

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Melody (Illustrated)

melody142 pages. $8.50. Illustrated.
Melody is the sweet tale of a 12-year-old blind girl, set in 19th-century New England. Originally published in 1893, it is the first of Laura E. Richards’ “Melody” series, the rest of which are Marie (1894), “Bethesda Pool” (1895), and Rosin the Beau (1898).  Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill.

The quaintly pretty, touching, old-fashioned story is told with perfect grace; the few persons who belong to it are touched in with distinctness and with sympathy.
—The Milwaukee Sentinel

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